Established:   2005
Documenting news items and distributing photographic information to the public, to organizations and to the media.
Fifty volunteer photographers are deployed throughout the country to photograph demonstrations, terrorist attacks, and the establishment of new settlements, in order to promote and encourage the defense of Israeli citizens and their basic rights, as well as Israeli goals and purposes by way of the media.
A variety of other activities in full cooperation with different TSI organizations.
The successful documentation of Jerusalem Arabs attacking a Jewish neighbor, recording the Jerusalem Day events, and the documentation of a number of events including a protest rally outside a military prison in support of soldiers who refused to obey orders conflicting with religious beliefs, an anti-Zionist demonstration in Jerusalem, evacuating settlements, and radical demonstrations. All of these photographs appeared on the media and some of them were also used for legal purposes.

Tazpit : Arabs, leftists staged 'price tag' act
Palestinians, leftwing activists documented while sawing trees in bid to accuse settlers
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