Established:   2007
Following media coverage of weakened population sectors, fighting for more even handed coverage and promoting "open skies".
Recording programs from Israel Radio (primarily Galei Zahal, the Israel Army Radio Station), filing complaints of biased reporting and violations of the media press code to the Israel Press Council and the media, permanent members of the Knesset committees on the Israel Broadcasting Authority and the Second (Media) Authority.

Tadmit's membership in TSI enables us to work more effectively.
Investigation of radiocaster Nathan Zehavi who called for attacking ultra orthodox Jews, the Israel Press Council ordered the Yediot Acharonot daily newspaper to apologize for publishing photographs of minors, disseminating pro -Israeli information about media disinformation on internet, publishing a weekly column in the press and internet.

Tazpit : Arabs, leftists staged 'price tag' act
Palestinians, leftwing activists documented while sawing trees in bid to accuse settlers
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